The SETI Institute and various telescopes around the world are searching for messages or at least noises of intelligent aliens and are sending our own messages into space ceaselessly – so far in vain. But we do not know if we did not get a response “fortunately” or “unfortunately” because extraterrestrial intelligent life forms could mean an enrichment or a threat to us earth people.

However, even discovering the smallest extraterrestrial beings, such as microbes, would make us inquiring people happy. To make this dream come true, there are already Mars and moon landings with technical, remote-controlled instruments, as the Mars rovers, probes and starting in 2027 also human settlement on Mars for research purposes (see Mars One project,

However, not only the scientists and researchers among us are enthusiastic about the topic aliens, but also the entertainment industry: films and series about good and bad aliens are flooding the theaters and our living rooms, just like science fiction books, audio books, games and toys, our computers, shelves, e-readers and children. Reports about abductions by aliens, UFO sightings, crop circles and more do not only inspire the imagination of the film industry, but also the fears of the inhabitants of the earth.

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Sources: – Leben auf dem Mars (German)

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