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We aim at collecting and presenting all about real and fictional aliens: scientific findings as well as projects, theories, media (e.g. Star Trek, movies, series, literature, reports, videos, photos), events and alien costumes. The subject “aliens” concerns and fascinates each of us, although it does it often in a different way. While some of us associate extraterrestrial beings with boundless imagination and curiousness (like in Star Trek series), others think of exciting space travel and spectacular new scientific findings. But often this subject is combined with fears of the unknown alien power. All these aspects and many other topics about “aliens” are dealt with here. Guest author contributions are just as welcome as your opinions. Besides: We’re not native English speakers – so we kindly ask you to accept our apologies for linguistic mistakes. Thank you! Have an exciting and great time on this “All-About-Aliens.com” website!

Did you know…?

… that an Alien Insurance against alien involuntary abduction beyond the earth is really offered? But there’s one problem: you have to prove this abduction with certified documents by yourself, the space agency, an internist and by the police – if you have the luck to come back to earth alive. The sum insured is already and will be actually payed when you present the required evidences. (Alien-insurances are offered by e.g. Cenyo Inc., Sir Huckleberry Insurance Company, UFO Abduction Insurance Company, Good Rebecca Ingrams Pearson (GRIP) and Mike St. Lawrence Insurance Agency.) Sources: Wikipedia.org – Alien Abduction Insurance and OptimalInsure.com

… that the founder and president of Amazon.com, Jeff Bezos, has reached another grand dream: He plays an alien (Starfleet Official) in the new Star Trek movie: “Star Trek Beyond”. Source: TheGuardian.com

… that the brilliant scientist Prof. Antonio Paris will uncover the mysterious secret behind the extraordinary strong “Wow! signal” after 40 years on January 25, 2017 and January 07, 2018? More information: All-About-Aliens.com – Wow! Signal

… that the mankind has a generally accepted formula to estimate the possible number of intelligent, technological developed and therefore communicative aliens in our milky way galaxy: the Drake Equation (also known as: the Green Bank equation or SETI equation). Who is good at maths? Source: Seti.org

… that the “Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope” (FAST) in the China’s Guizhou Province / Pingtang county was completed on the 3rd July 2016, is the largest radio telescope in the world and was contructed to search for pulsars and ALIENS in space! Source: TechCrunch.com

… that our human existence could be computer generated and we could be a part of a huge computer game – of course created by a high intelligent species not coming from the simulated earth – e.g. by aliens. You can read more here: IFLScience.com

… that there is a new very popular online tool to simulate the bombardment of your home town / street by aliens with green lasers like in the new huge movie “The Independence Day: Resurgence”. You can find the simulation here: IndependenceDayMyStreet.com

… that Tom DeLonge, co-founder and singer of the successful band Blink-182, quitted his rockstar career at Blink-182 to search for aliens & ufos, to do a camping trip to Area 51 and to uncover the secrets of extraterrestrial life kept in science and religion. More on this topic: Papermag.com

… that you can get advices in the internet on how to “manage to experience an alien abduction” [1], how to “avoid an alien abduction” [2] and how to “notice that you had an alien abduction” [3]. [1]  AlienAbductions.com [2] StopAbductions.com [3] Metro.co.uk

… that an “Alien Con” takes place on October 28-30, 2016 in Santa Clara, CA, USA – with stars of the popular series “Ancient Aliens” – “the world’s first convention devoted to exploring space and the unknown” – source: TheAlienCon.com

… that YOU and ME and every fan of science fiction conventions can become a writer or / and a designer or something else and has the CHANCE to WORK AT the anthology movie “THE CIRCUIT” together with well-known and popular Star Trek and science fiction actors. That’s the unique and first project of this kind. Have a look at the official website: TheCircuitFilm.com

… that some aliens are possibly very desperate because they send us signals again and again and we (humans) do not answer? Something similar is said by the renowned SETI Institute (SETI = Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). For detailed information, please read the very interesting article: Disclose.tv

… that the alarming movie “The Fourth Kind” about abductions by aliens in Nome (Alaska) is to be based on true facts? More details: All-About-Aliens.com – “The Fourth Kind”

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There are so many reports about sightings of UFOs and aliens as well as alien''s abductions with a large number of witnesses. Is it really possible that all these reports are hoaxes? Or do aliens exist, who visit us on earth and who could be our ancestors?
The US-American science fiction thriller "The Fourth Kind" is said to be based on a real story, on real hypnosis sessions and on true footage. Is this a brilliant marketing strategy or the shocking truth?