Fictional aliens in different media provide infinitely scope for variations, characteristics and fantasies as well as for fan communities, fan events, fan funded Star Trek movies (like “Axanar”) and fan fiction stories. The mostly intelligent extraterrestrials are presented, for example, pathetic, scare spreading, world saving, attractive or as a disgusting monster. Fictional aliens are often equipped with particularly impressive supernatural abilities, with an excess of murder and appetite or at least with a very special nature of their species respectively of their culture. They can be found in movies, film series, series, audio books, booklets, books and games, particularly in the genres science fiction or horror. Although they act very strange sometimes, we want and can always find a considerable proportion of human behavior, experiences and traits in the fictional, intelligent extraterrestrials. The fictional alien species in media who rather show survival and killing instincts than higher intelligence are mostly presented similar to earthly bacteria, viruses or parasites.

The posts on this page are concentrated on the extremely interesting and entertaining topics about aliens in media and media with aliens.