The US-American science fiction thriller “The Fourth Kind” is said to be based on a real story, on real hypnosis sessions and on true footage. Is this a brilliant marketing strategy or the shocking truth?

“The Fourth Kind” is something like a mixture of a documentary and a movie (aka mockumentary) with a lot of shocking scenes. It deals with the abduction by aliens. The psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler continues the study of her dead husband: finding the reason for so many murders, suicides, inexplicable disappearances and disturbing experiences of the people in the little town Nome in Nothern Alaska, USA. During hypnosis sessions with these people, they become panic and hysterical.

What happened really in Nome – what is examined by the FBI?

It is known that from the 1960s till the year 2004, a lot of people (24) disappeared in Nome and till now there are no proved explanations for this. (The movie covers the time from 1st of October till the 9th of October 2000).

Furthermore, it is also true that FBI detectives had investigated these disappearances in 2005. But the only fact that these FBI detectives found out was that most of the victims had travelled from towns around Nome to Nome. The victims were said to be native Alaskans. The FBI detectives could not detect the reasons for their disappearance. So the FBI emphasizes that Alaska and Nome is a region with a lot of aspects that threatens the human existence: glaciers, lakes, rivers, icy climate (especially during the long winters), hungry as well as wild animals. So the explanation why 24 people in Nome are missing was found, whereas the FBI concentrated their presented results on the extremely harsh winter and the equally extremely alcohol consumption of the Alaskans. The FBI detectives rejected the thesis that there was a serial killer who killed these disappeared persons.


The movie “The Fourth Kind” polarizes the opinion of the viewers more than most other alien movies.

We and also a lot of other critics think that this movie is thrilling, scary, very intense, shocking and exciting – so to say: a brilliant mystery, horror, alien, sci-fi film. The special aspect of this movie is the concretion of the border between reality and fiction that is caused because of showing the recordings of “real” footages during the movie.

But exactly this is also the point for bad criticism. The documentary style is condemned as a questionable marketing strategy that complicates watching this movie.

Wether you love or hate this movie – it’s your personal opinion.

But nevertheless there are two faked details that argue against this movie and its authenticity:

  1. The village which is shown in the movie is not Nome. “The Fourth Kind” is shot in different cities and countries but not in Alaska. Therefore, the city Nome in this movie is not similar to the real Nome at all.
  2. It’s a fact that about the half of the inhabitants of Nome are native Alaskans. But where are they in this movie that sticks to be based on real incidents and documents?

The fourth kind? What’s the first, second and third kind?

The US-American ufologist and astronomer Prof. J. Allen Hynek created this classification, the so called “Close Encouter classification system of an UFO event” with 6 different classes. It was extended by 4 further classes.

An extract of this Close Encouter classification system:

– according to Prof. J. Allen Hynek classification -1st kind: visual sightings of an UFO (with special details)
2nd kind: 1st kind and any physical perception because of the UFO
3rd kind: 2nd kind and sighting of a creature or robot in the UFO

– according to the added classification -4th kind: abduction of a human by the aliens or the UFO
5th kind: communication between the alien and the humans
(source: – Close Encouter classification system)

So the abduction by aliens is an encounter event with aliens and UFOs of the 4th kind.

“The Fourth Kind” – true or fake story?

Do you really want to know it?

Then please read this short article and everything becomes clear:

Most important statement in the above mentioned article:

“Universal Pictures has agreed to pay USD 20,000 to the Alaska Press Club to settle complaints about fake news archives used to promote the movie “The Fourth Kind” […]”

But – true is: about 27 people disappeared in Nome between the 1960s and 2004 and nobody knows what happened.

And – for all who want to have a more detailed explanation:

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