Personality / Knowledge / Fun tests around Star Trek, created by fans
The US-American science fiction thriller "The Fourth Kind" is said to be based on a real story, on real hypnosis sessions and on true footage. Is this a brilliant marketing strategy or the shocking truth?
Fictional aliens are beloved and dreaded. They can become stars like a top actor or a "VIP" like a "clever" serial murderer. It's great because we all know: it's just a story - far away from reality. Nevertheless we love, admire, hate and are given the creeps by our aliens. Besides, what's your favourite alien?
We humans yearn for new, interesting, attractive species - for exciting aliens that look like ourselves, who are (so to speak) our relatives but who have to offer something special, too. We want to be astonished, but not scared by a very special characteristic of extraterrestrial beings. Fortunately, we leave it to the media world, that often adapt the appearance of the fictional aliens in dependence of their danger levels, to spread fear regarding the aliens. But how could real intelligent aliens look like and what is purely fictional? What do the experts say to the probable appearances of the aliens?
Fictional aliens can be performed by you and us (called supporting artists or extra) in the Star Wars Episode VIII. We all can apply and cast for it when we are at least 16 years old and have a legal eligibility to work in the London entertainment industry as well as a National Insurance Number. Let's do it!
The SETI Institute and various telescopes around the world are searching for messages or at least noises of intelligent aliens and are sending our own messages into space ceaselessly - so far in vain. But we do not know if we did not get a response "fortunately" or "unfortunately" because extraterrestrial intelligent life forms could mean an enrichment or a threat to us earth people.