Fictional aliens are beloved and dreaded. They can become stars like a top actor or a “VIP” like a “clever” serial murderer. It’s great because we all know: it’s just a story – far away from reality. Nevertheless we love, admire, hate and are given the creeps by our aliens. Besides, what’s your favourite alien?

Best, famous, worst, scariest, cutest.. aliens, alien species, alien monsters, alien movies or alien masks – we all want to know it! In the world wide web you can find so many votes, articles and comments based on these and similar questions.

Some proposals of famous, memorable aliens

Here we offer you some awesome aliens you could vote for. But please do not hesitate to add your favourite alien if it is not in the voting list yet. Thank you!

<a href=””>What is your favourite alien / alien species?</a>

Sources and further information (German) and following pages

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