Update of the list: 01/04/2017

There are so many reports about sightings of UFOs and aliens as well as alien’s abductions with a large number of witnesses. Is it really possible that all of theses reports are hoaxes? Or do aliens exist who visit us on earth and who could be our ancestors?

What do you think?

Here you can find a permanent enlarged and updated list about these aliens / UFOs sightings and abductions that are reported by victims and witnesses.

The list is compiled and published here after collecting the unconfirmed stories as well as dates of the incidents without any claim to comprehensiveness and truthfulness.

DateCountryCityUFOs / Aliens / Abductions / CrashesShort detailsSources / More informationLinks to pictures / videos
1897 (April 17)USAAurora, TexasUFOs/Aliens/CrashesMany years before the Roswell UFO crash, but still quite similar: a UFO crashed down into Judge Proctor’s windmill and was almost completely destroyed – as well as the single alien in it, who the inhabitants (many witnesses) call “Martian pilot”. The alien was buried in the local cemetery with an famous headstone The headstone were stolen, but the alien still rests there.alien-ufo-research.comwww.roadsideamerica.com
1941 (spring)USACape Girardeau, MissouriUFOs/Aliens/Crashes“The 1941 Cape Girardeau UFO Crash” An UFO shaped like a disc crashed down and was recovered. Three aliens were dead and a photo with one of them were shot.www.ufocasebook.comwww.ufocasebook.com
1942 (Feb 25)USALos Angeles, CaliforniaUFOs“Battle of Los Angeles”: A UFO was sighted and photographed that flew over Los Angeles during the Second World War. The American anti-aircraft shells were ineffective.framework.latimes.comlatimesphoto.files.wordpress.com
1942 (till now)SwitzerlandBülach (and others)UFOs/Alien“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier has contact to aliens since he was five. He tells that he saw other universes, led by the aliens. He took many photos of UFOs and tells a lot about his experiences with the extraterrestrials.www.mufon.comwww.youtube.com
1945-2007 (1 time in this period)USAPahrump, Nevada (near Area 51)UFOs/VIPsArthur William Bell (aka: Art Bell), a well-known American author, broadcaster and host of an beloved late night talk show told that he saw a lot of strange objects flying above his house in Nevada.theparanormal.caNo pictures available.
1947 (July)USACorona, New MexicoUFOs/Crashes“Corona UFO crash” The second UFO in connection with the Roswell Incident is said to be crashed in Corona and remain nearly undamaged.www.ufocasebook.comf1vlad.com
1947 (June 21)USAMaury Island, Puged Sound, Washington D.C.UFOs“Maury Island Incident”: Sailor Harold Dahl saw six UFOs and one of it seemed to have problems to fly and some objects were thrown out of the UFO. The sailor was told not to tell this story in public. So he said it was a hoax.datalaneexpress.com2.bp.blogspot.com
1947 (June 24)USAMount Rainier, near WashingtonUFOs“Kenneth Arnold Case”: American pilot and businessman Kenneth Arnold saw nine UFOs. The famous term “flying saucer” for UFOs come from his descriptions.en.wikipedia.orgwww.ufosnw.com
1947 (June/July)USARoswell, New MexicoUFOs/Aliens/Crashes“Roswell UFO crash” Military of USA has captured an alien UFO, that had a crash.The second UFO crashed down in Corona.www.stylist.co.ukthe-wanderling.com
1948 (Jan 7)USAGodman Field, Fort Knox, KentuckyUFOs“Mantell UFO incident” Captain Thomas F. Mantell was piloting a F-51 plane when many people as well as that one at the Godman Air Force Base saw an huge UFO. Captain Mantell was in charge to pursuit and investigate this flying object but he suddently crashed down with his F-51 – supposed because of a lack of oxygen – and he died.en.wikipedia.orgwww.youtube.com
1949 (Aug 20)USALas Cruces, New MexicoUFOs/VIPsRenowned astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh saw six to eight lights and green fireballs in the skywww.ufoevidence.orgNo pictures available.
1951 (Aug. 25)USALubbock, TexasUFOs“The Lubbock Lights” Three professors and one student has seen 20 to 30 lights flying in a V-formation near Lubbock.www.stylist.co.ukthechive.files.wordpress.com
1952 (July 12-29)USAWashington D.C.UFOsStrange radars were received at three different airports and people saw several UFOs – according to this incident the CIA Robertson Panel was foundeden.wikipedia.orgi.ytimg.com
1952 (June 24)USACarson Desert, NevadaUFOs“Carson Sink Incident” Two military senior pilots saw three unkown, extremely fast UFOS.www.stylist.co.ukbaddogneedsrottenhome.com
1954 (Oct 27)ItalyFlorenceUFOs/VIPsFootballer Ardico Magnini and 10,000 fans saw at least one egg-shaped, slowly UFO, that interrupted the soccer game iat the stadium Stadio Artemio Franchi. It was reorted that silver glitter came down from the UFO.www.bbc.comwww.youtube.com
1957 (Nov 2-3)USALevelland, TexasUFOsA lot of drivers saw an eggshaped, glowing object in the sky that disabled their vehiclesen.wikipedia.orgNo pictures available.
1957 (Oct 15)BrazilSão Francisco de SalesUFOs/Alien/AbductionsThe farmer Antônio Vilas-Boas (23 years old) was the first famous “case” of alien abduction and sex with a female alien to impregnate her. He describes the aliens and his incident very exactly and suffers from many symptoms afterwards.www.conspiracyarchive.comthenightsky.org
1957-1969 (1 time in this period)USANew York CityUFOs/VIPs/Aliens/AbductionsThe American actress Fran Drescher (known for her role as Fran Fine in the TV series “The Nanny”) said that she was abducted by aliens, who implanted a chip in her hand, when she was a child. She still has a scar on the hand.www.dailymail.co.ukNo pictures available.
1961 (Sept 19-20)USAWhite Mountains, New HampshireUFO/Abductions“Hill Abduction”, “Zeta Reticuli Incident”: Barney and Betty Hill were abducted in a UFO and saw a 3D map of the stars within the UFO.en.wikipedia.orgyoutu.be
1964 (April 24)USASocorro, New MexicoUFOs/AliensTraffic policeman Lonnie Zamora saw a flame (blue-orange), heard a loud sound and a silver UFO, shaped like a doghnut with two living beings in white clotheswww.stylist.co.ukwww.ufocasebook.com
1966 (April 6)AustraliaWestall Highschool, MelbourneUFOsMore than 200 students and teachers saw two UFOs. Burnt pieces of earth were found at the site.www.stylist.co.ukwww.theage.com.au
1967USACaliforniaUFOs/VIPs/Aliens/AbductionsSamual Roy Hagar (aka: “Sammy Hagar”, ” The Red Rocker”, singer, guitarist and songwriter (bands: “Montrose”, “Van Halen”, Chickenfoot”) said that he was abducted by aliens. It happened by telepathy, when he lay in his bed and it was like an exchange of knowledge and thoughts.theparanormal.cawww.youtube.com
1967 (Jan 25)USASouth Ashburnham, MassachusettsUFOs/Aliens/Abductions“The Betty Andreasson Luca Alien Abduction”, “The Andreasson Affair” Betty Andreasson Luca told that the aliens made physical test with her (for about 4 hours) in the UFO (shaped like a saucer) that were painful at first and then lead to a “religious awakening”. Her family were brought into trance by the aliens. Betty Andreasson Luca described the aliens and the incident so convincing, that an expert team were inclined to believe her.www.ufocasebook.comi.ytimg.com
1967 (Oct 4)CanadaNova ScotiaUFOs/CrashesLarge object crashed into Shag Harbour and sank under waterthechronicleherald.cawww.agoracosmopolitan.com
1967 (several times)UK, EnglandLondonUFOs/VIPsWhen the British singer and painter David Bowie was a child, he saw many UFOs, that regularly flew over London – often six to seven times per night. His work were affected a lot by these many UFO sightings.www.konbini.comNo pictures available.
1969 (in Oct)USALeary, GeorgiaUFOs/VIPsBefore Jimmy Carter became president of the USA he and 10 to 12 other people saw a UFO, that changed the colours of its bright lightsen.wikipedia.orgNo pictures available.
1969 (July 20-21)Space/MoonDuring flight to and on the moonUFOs/VIPs(Buzz Aldrin) American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first terrestrials on the moon, saw during spaceflight Apollo 11 a UFO on their outbound flight to the moon. Both also saw two UFOs on the moon who warned them off (for pics and source please see Louis Armstrong)theparanormal.cawww.nationalufocenter.com
1969 (July 20-21)Space/MoonDuring flight to and on the moonUFOs/VIPs(Neil Armstrong) American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first terrestrials on the moon, saw during spaceflight Apollo 11 a UFO on their outbound flight to the moon (for pics and source please see Buzz Aldrin). Both also saw two UFOs on the moon who warned them off.exopolitics.orgronrecord.com
1970 (Sept 8)England, UKNorth Sea, near LincolnshireUFOs/Abductions“Captain William Schaffner Incident”: The radar detected a UFO within the Britisch airspace. Captain William Schaffner, an American exchange pilot, followed this object, had a short contact and than crashed into the North Sea. His plane was found in the North Sea, but his body not. So an abduction of aliens was assumed too.www.stylist.co.ukcdn2.list25.com
1971-2016 (16 times)USANew York City and other townsUFOs/VIPsBoxing champion Muhammad Ali had at least 16 UFO sightings since he was young – inter alia in New York City together with his trainer: the UFO was huge and round.www.express.co.ukwww.youtube.com
1973 (Oct 10)USASt. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, LouisianaUFOsFifteen different persons( incl. two police officers= saw a huge, silver UFO.www.ufocasebook.comNo pictures available.
1973 (Oct 11)USAPascagoula (River), MississippiUFOs/Aliens/AbductionsCalvin Parker and Charles Hickson were abducted by three aliens and examined in an UFO. The aliens floated and had no eyes. In this night many people saw many other UFOs.www.ufocasebook.com2.bp.blogspot.com
1974 (August 23)USANew YorkUFOs/VIPsJohn Lennon, his assistant/girlfriend May Pang and seven other people saw a noiseless, round UFO with white, blinking lights around and a red light on the top. John Lennon mentioned this UFO sighting in his next album.ultimateclassicrock.comnews.theparanormal.ca
1974 (Jan 23)(North) Wales, UKBerwyn MountainsUFOs/Crashes“Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident”, “The Roswelsh Incident” Some people saw a glowing, egg-shaped UFOs. Many people saw a bright, colour-changing light and heard a very loud noise together with something like an earthquake. So a UFO crash was assumed.www.stylist.co.ukNo pictures available.
1975 (Aug 13)USADesert near Alamogordo, New MexicoUFOs/Aliens/AbductionsThe Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody wanted to observe a meteor shower when he saw a silver UFO approaching. His car did not start anymore. The aliens abducted him about 3.5 hours and he cannot remember it afterwards but he has disease symptoms. Hypnosis and a kind of lie detector confirmed the alien abduction.www.factfictionandconjecture.ca3.bp.blogspot.com
1975 (Nov 5)USAApache-Sitgreaves National Forest, ArizonaUFOs/Aliens/Abductions“The Travis Walter Abduction” Travis Walter and six other loggers were working in the forest when they saw a UFO (shaped as a saucer). But only Travis Walter was abducted and examined by three bold and ugly aliens within in the UFO. He only appears 5 days later. Travis Walter wrote the book “Fire in the Sky” about his experiences before and during the abduction by aliens.en.wikipedia.orgwww.debunker.com
1976 (Aug 20)USAAllagash, MaineUFOs/Aliens/Abductions“The Allagash Abductions” Four male students maintained that they are abducted and examined by aliens during a camping trip. Under hypnosis they told details. A book reports about this incident, called “The Allagash Abductions”.thefw.comwww.ufocasebook.com
1976 (Sept 19)IranTehranUFOsIranian generals maintain that UFOs had disabled military equipment in the sky and on earth in Tehran – UFOs were seen by people and radar.en.wikipedia.orgbaddogneedsrottenhome.com
1977 (started in August)BrazilColares (Colares Island)UFOsAll sorts of UFO’s were seen there every day this year, sent hurting rays to the people, who often got fainted. 35 people were hurt and many left this Island then. The govermnent sent experts to the Colares Island with the Codename: “Operação Prato” = Operation Saucer.www.ufocasebook.comfiles.abovetopsecret.com
1980 (3 days in Dec.)England, UKRendlesham Forest, SuffolkUFOs“Rendlesham Forest Incident”, “Britain’s Roswell”: Mysterious light were seen at near the RAF baseshumansarefree.comwww.theparanormalguide.com
1980 (late 1980s)USA, CanadaNew York, Quebec, VermontUFOs/VIPsDan Aykroyd, member of the Mutual UFO Network and of the team of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, together with many people were called telepathically to go outside in the night. They all saw a huge pink spiral over the Great Lakes.theparanormal.caNo pictures available.
1986 (Jan 29)RussiaDalnegorsk, Primosky Krai (Mount Izvestkovaya)UFOs/Crashes“Height 611 UFO incident”: Many inhabitants of Dalnegorsk saw a huge red ball (supposed as a UFO) flying first parallel to the ground and then crashing into the Mount Izvestkovaya without any noise. Experts found burnt ground, strange lead, fragments of the aircraft and black-glassy bead – all of that seems not to come from the earth.en.wikipedia.orgvadim-andreev.narod.ru
1986 (May 19)BrazilSão PauloUFOs“UFO Official Night in Brazil”: More than 20 UFOs were seen by people and on radar.www.colinandrews.netlists10.com
1986 (Nov 17)USAover AlaskaUFOs“Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 Case”The cargo aicraft of Japanese Airlines flew from Paris to Tokio transporting wine. When they flew over Alaska the crew detected two (and later three) UFOs that flew very close to the Japanese aircraft. The pilot could feel the exteme heat of these UFOs. The radar on the ground also recorded these UFOs.en.wikipedia.orgwww.youtube.com
1989-1992 (starting Nov 1989)Belgiumoverall in this countryUFOs“Belgian Ufo wave” with the peak on 30-31 March, 1990. About 13,500 people and the radar detected UFOsen.wikipedia.orgwww.ufocasebook.com
1990 (Aug 24)(East) GermanyGreifswalder BoddenUFOs“Greifswald Lights”: More than 100 persons saw bright light balls, flying in a “Y”-formation. Videos and photos exist.en.wikipedia.orgwww.youtube.com
1994 (in Sept)South AfricaWarrentonUFOs“Warrenton Sightings”: A farmer and four other independent witnesses heard a very noisy aircraft flying at a great speed in the night.en.wikipedia.orgNo pictures available.
1997 (Sept 17)RussiaMoscow, (Kalmykia)UFOs/VIPs/Aliens/Abductions“The Kirsan Ilyumzhinov Abduction” Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a millionaire and the former president of Kalmykia and of the World Chess Federation Fide told that he was abducted by aliens in 1997. He maintains that chess came to earth from aliens.thefw.comwww.youtube.com
2000 (May 8)South AfricaWardenUFOs“Warden Sighting”: Police inspector Kriel saw a UFO with orange lights that was huge enough to cover all four lanes of the freeway, it travelled on.en.wikipedia.orgcdn.list25.com
2006 (Nov 7)USAChicago, IllinoisUFOs“O’Hare International Airport UFO sighting” A very fast flying object described as a disc-like shape UFO above the Gate C-17 of the Chicago International O’Hare Airport were seen by 12 airport employees (incl. a pilot) and other eyewitnesses.altereddimensions.neti0.wp.com
2007 (Nov 7)USALos Angeles, CaliforniaUFOs/VIPsNick Jonas spotted three flying saucers over LA.hollywoodlife.comwww.youtube.com
2007 (Oct 29)IndiaKolkataUFOs“Kolkata Sighting”:A lot of persons saw a fast UFO that changed its shape (ball, triangle, line) and had a bright light. It’s filmed with a handycam.en.wikipedia.orgwww.youtube.com
2008 (May to Sept)TurkeyYeni Kent CompoundUFOsA night guard videotaped UFOs sightings in the night during four months and a lot of other witnesses had seen these UFOs too. These videos are the “most important images of a UFO ever filmed” according to the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center.www.stylist.co.ukwww.youtube.com
2009 (and at two other times)USALos Angeles, CaliforniaUFOs/VIPsRobbie Williams saw three UFOs at different times: square and round UFOs with lights as well as a large black, shining strip.humansarefree.comwww.youtube.com
2009 (Dez 9)(North) Norway, (North) SwedenTrøndelag till Finmark in Norway and SwedenUFOs“Norwegian Spiral Anomaly” A greyish spiral from which a blue beam in the middle appeared in the sky. Then the spiral began to spin. Soon, the whole sky was filled with this phenomenon and it remained 10 minutes. There were many eyewitnesses.en.wikipedia.orgwww.youtube.com
2011 (Feb 20)CanadaVancouverUFOs“Vancouver Sighting”: Lights in purple and red were seen in the sky by some people – but it it was a hoax – just a kite with LED lights.en.wikipedia.orgNo pictures available.
2011 (Oct 23)USANashville, TennesseeUFOs/VIPsBilly Ray Cyrus took a photo of five to six UFOs, looking like shining discs.tasteofcountry.comtasteofcountry.com
2011 (Oct 28)USALos Angeles, CaliforniaUFOs/VIPsVictoria Beckham saw a luminous UFO that looks like a full moon, took a photo of it and tweeted it.theparanormal.camysteryhistory.tv
2013 (March 5)AustraliaWoolloomooloo, SydneyUFOs/VIPsRussel Crowe took photos of a flashed UFO an tweeted it.www.hollywoodreporter.comtwitter.com
2015 (June 25)(North IndiaKanpur, Uttar PradeshUFOsThe young Indian boy Abhijit Gupta shot photos of a UFO on his smartphone. It is said to be the same UFO type as in Gorakhpur and Lucknow in 2016.indianexpress.comwww.youtube.com
2015 (May 22)(North) IndiaLucknow, capital of Uttar PradeshUFOsTwo persons saw a sphere shaped UFO but they did took a photograph.www.ufostalker.comNo pictures available.
2015 (Nov 28)(North) IndiaGorakhpur, Uttar PradeshUFOsA huge UFO, shaped like a disc, is seen in Gorakhpur by many witnesses who visited the local Padri market. It is said to be the same UFO that was seen in Kanpur and Lucknow a few months ago.www.newsnation.ini.ytimg.com