Scientists consider it very likely that extraterrestrial life exists in our solar system or in one of the billions others in the universe, although no scientific evidence for this could be found yet.

But how could this “aliens” be? Are they living plants, micro-organisms, animal-like beings or even intelligent aliens, who may be even superior to us technologically and intellectually? For all types of extraterrestrial life is being searched with very different methods: by satellite, space probes, radio telescopes etc., but so far no official evidence of extraterrestrial traces has been found – according to the scientists and politicians. But is that true or are results concealed?

Are the many alien pictures on the internet really just fakes, using man-made created aliens or dummies? Are really only atomic bombs and fighter jets developed and tested at the US-American restricted Area 51 or does the research there also include extraterrestrial beings and UFOs? How and where alien research is carried out and all the indications for the real existence of aliens will be subject on this page. The issues are for example: the Blue Book, the countless reported UFO sightings, the future Mars mission Mars One, the WOW signal, Stonehenge, the Roswell [UFO] incident, UFO and / or alien-based religions as well as theories but also the Drake formula and much more.

Dear aliens-believer, alien-sceptics and alien-critics: you and we can look forward to very interesting articles on this page. Your opinions are very welcome on the “Your Opinion” page or as a guest post.

  • New Announcement: List About Aliens and UFO Sightings
    There are so many reports about sightings of UFOs and aliens as well as alien”s abductions with a large number of witnesses. Is it really possible that all these reports are hoaxes? Or do aliens exist, who visit us on earth and who could be our ancestors?
  • Movie “The Fourth Kind” – Abduction by Aliens in Nome (Alaska) – based on a true or fictional story?
    The US-American science fiction thriller “The Fourth Kind” is said to be based on a real story, on real hypnosis sessions and on true footage. Is this a brilliant marketing strategy or the shocking truth?
  • How could real intelligent aliens actually look like and how are they shown in the media?
    We humans yearn for new, interesting, attractive species – for exciting aliens that look like ourselves, who are (so to speak) our relatives but who have to offer something special, too. We want to be astonished, but not scared by a very special characteristic of extraterrestrial beings. Fortunately, we leave it to the media world, that often adapt the appearance of the fictional aliens in dependence of their danger levels, to spread fear regarding the aliens. But how could real intelligent aliens look like and what is purely fictional? What do the experts say to the probable appearances of the aliens?