How important is certainty for you and us?
“Are aliens trying to contact us from outer space? That’s a question that Antonio Paris, an astronomy professor at St. Petersburg College in Florida, is trying to address. And he’s bringing us closer to an answer than we’ve ever been before.”
(source and extremely interesting article with photos:

As written in the last three articles about the “Wow! signal”, the brilliant Prof. Antonio Paris from St. Petersburg College in Florida expounded a very interesting and convincing theory for the one-time occurrence of the significant “Wow! signal” after consultation with the NASA.

According to his theory, the cause of the “Wow! signal” is actually a special natural phenomenon, namely two comets that passed the section of space, which the radio telescope “The Big Ear” was directed to, exactly on August 15, 1977. These are the comets 266P/Christensen and P/2008 Y2 (Gibbs) that have not been discovered and known at the time the “Wow! signal” was recorded. The two comets were discovered in 2006. When they approach the sun, they send a brief signal. The reason for that signal are the UV rays of the sun that split up the frozen water (H2O) on the surface of the comets amongst others in hydrogen (H2). Then the H2 spread in cosmos in a cloud-like shape and send this short, strong signal like that one that is known as the “Wow! signal”.

The important dates are: January 25, 2017 and January 07, 2018

The really great fact of Prof. Antonio Paris’ comet theory is that it can be checked very soon. On January 25, 2017 the comet 266P/Christensen will pass the exact same space region (in constellation Sagittarius) and at January 07, 2018 the comet P/2008 Y2 (Gibbs) will do the same. Unfortunately, they will not appear together like in 1977, but it will take about 600 years until this special natural phenomenon will occur again.

The radio telescope “The Big Ear” does not exist anymore

However, the biggest problem is that the radio telescope “The Big Ear” that recorded the “Wow! signal” does not exist anymore. It was dismantled in 1998, the land where it stood was sold and now there is a golf course.

Crowdfunding project to buy a new high tech radio telescope

Therefore Antonio Paris, the chief scientist at the Center for Planetary Science, needs our financial support to buy a new high tech radio telescope. Each USD helps!

Here is the link to donate for this important funding project:
End of this funding project: end of May 2016

You also can donate anonymous, of course

Stay tuned – read Prof Antonio Paris’ “Wow! Signal Experiment Logbook”

For all of you who want to read along what happens with the funding project and the “Wow! signal” comet theory research, Prof. Antonio Paris has started a blog: “We are getting close to reaching the end of the campaign. I just wanted to let everyone know I have started a blog called the ‘Wow! Signal Experiment Logbook’. You can read all our progress here.”

(source and link of the “Wow! Signal Experiment Logbook”:

The renowned and brilliant Prof. Paris knows: this subject concerns all of us!

At the end: a brilliant quote of Prof. Antonio Paris:”There are no emotions in science, Only phenomena to study.”


Let the scientist find out where this “Wow! signal” comes from! It’s indeed interesting for us all!

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