We humans want and fear at the same time that aliens, intelligent living beings finally contact humanity. We know a lot about the origin of the “Wow! signal” by now, but nevertheless this famous signal remains a big mystery for scientists.

As outlined in detail in the previous article “Has the “Wow! signal” an extraterrestrial origin?”, the scientists are sure that the extremely strong “Wow! signal” that was received from the SETI astrophysicist Dr. Ehrmann by the radio telescope “The Big Ear” in 1977 was probably caused by someone or something from outer space and not from the earth or the sun.

Furthermore, no moons, planets or asteroids were in the direction from which the “Wow! signal” was received and that could have reflected terrestrial radio waves. Moreover, astronomers assume that this radio signal was transmitted from a fixed location and not from a flying object.

After exclusion of all these other earthly or human-caused transmission sources, the scientists are more certain that the mysterious “Wow! signal” has most likely a rather extraterrestrial origin.

But that’s it. More information about the classification of the “Wow! signal” was not possible till now. The scientists did not find the origin of this special signal so that it can still be interpreted as an alien communication or a natural astrophysical cosmic phenomenon.

Many theories have been proposed as an explanation for this particularly intense signal: e.g. comets, collisions between asteroids and stars or neutron stars, white dwarfs merging, pulsars, time shift or perhaps an attempt to contact other intelligent creatures by aliens. But why has the humanity never received such or a similar intense signal in spite of all the efforts that the scientists made to catch one? Would it not be unlikely that intelligent aliens, who wanted to contact other creatures, sent a radio waves message only once into space? Would they not try it again? Nevertheless, the famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hawkins does not exclude that this “Wow! signal” received in 1977 is an artificially generated radio wave signal from aliens.

For almost 39 years, the humanity and brilliant scientists puzzled, researched and excluded as well as dismissed new theories.

Now, at the early beginning of 2016, the astronomy Professor Antonio Paris from St. Petersburg College in Florida established a new theory that is supported by the planetary constellation records at the time the “Wow! signal” was received. This theory can be checked and confirmed very soon: that is to say in 2017 or / and in 2018 (more in the following article).

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